November 27, 2017

Sun Salutation

Sun Sequence Surya Namaskara DRAFT GAYNOR

  1. Tadasan (Mountain pose)
  2. Standing stretch-Inhale lift arms up into gentle backbend-sternum up and let chin rise slightly at end of movement. Exhale flow into relaxed forward bend, lower arms forward and down (keep knees bent if necessary). Begin to uncurl (inhale) move hands up front of body as rise up. Repeat twice more and finish in forward bend.
  3. Place hands either side of feet take weight in hands and left foot and move right foot into runner. (Knee on ground and relaxed right foot). Check left knee directly above left foot. Inhale and unroll spine raising arms and follow the move with eyes. Exhale spine flex forward towards left thigh swing arms down and behind, palms facing. Repeat twice more. End with hands on floor.
  4. Take weight into hands step back left leg into plank-body straight. Lower body to floor-either knees first or straight down. Rest 3-4 breaths.
  5. Lying on your front. Exhale, refresh core and do not tense buttocks. Raise your head and body starting from base of spine upwards, push up with arms and keep elbows in to body. Keep navel on floor. Exhale and lower slowly. Repeat twice more, lifting the torso a little higher each time. On the final time hold the cobra and take a few breaths before lowering.
  6. Exhale and engage core. Tuck toes under and raise hips into DOG, press heels down with head relaxed between your arms. Hold for a few breaths.
  7. Bring feet together and step forward with right leg into runner. Inhale and raise arms as before 3 times.
  8. Both hands to either side of lead foot and place them flat on floor. Inhale tuck toes of left foot under and bring left leg forward to meet the right moving into forward bend. Exhale and relax.
  9. Exhale and switch core on, Inhale, bend knees and slowly unroll your spine from base upwards. Continue and raise hand into overhead stretch. Exhale return to foward bend and repeat twice more and then into Tadasan. Use the power and strength of this moment to affirm your intentions for the day ahead (or the next day).
  10. Hands into Namaste to gather energy and repeat on other side.
  11. Optional –sealing the energy. Hold left palm over right palm at heart level with fingers pointing out to sides. And elbows out too. Take arms out to shoulder level with left palm facing earth and right the sky. Slowly make 3 small clockwise turns on the spot and chant

OM SRI SURAYA NAMAHA as you turn. Finish with hands in Namaste and pause to sense the vibrancy you have created in every cell.