July 15, 2017

Yoga asanas and sequences

Gaynor’s Yoga             EBR 1 DRAFT PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR SHARE.


Activations                                  (6-10 mins)

Ensure you always work within your own body’s limitations and do not overstretch. This stimulates and oxygenates, warms and loosens the body, improves circulation reduces tension and tiredness.

Shake arms out in front, up above, to sides. Ensure you shake hands up and down and from side to side.

Lift one foot and rotate in one direction 5 times and then opposite direction. Lift toes up and then down stretching out the ankles, shake the foot by moving the knee. Swing one leg back and forwards to release tension in the hip-foot should brush the floor. Repeat with left foot.

Stand tall with feet facing forward. Swing arms gently to right and left at hip level, gently move arms up to the mid back level and then shoulder level. Slowly lower hands back to centre. 8 times each side.

Repeat and point right foot out and this deepens the back twist, twizzle the feet and do this move 8 times each side.

Try a brain awakening exercise with lifting left foot in front and touching with right hand, do same on other side repeat a few times and then two foot movements behind and two in front etc.

Standing upright, weight into left foot and step forward (breathe in) and back (exhale) whilst lifting arms above your head. Bend the knees and swing the arms higher even to touch your shoulders too.

Finish with a few breaths of Arjuna (imagine you are taking a jumper off as you breathe and reach up above your head and lower the hands slowly.


The EBR 1 sequence                              (17-20 mins)

Creates openness in the body, mind and heart centre, it improves self -esteem. Releases energy from all joints in body so that the body can work more efficiently. The spine moves in all directions in this sequence.

Possible modifications:

Use blocks for standing on tip-toes in shoulder stretch if there is a balance problem. Forward fold bent legs for people with tight hamstrings.

Standing twist if you have back and shoulder problems twist within your own limit.

Squat can sit on chair if knee problems or maybe do a gentle side lunge to exercise the inner thigh muscles or sit on floor with feet together and knees bent and push knees out wide to feel a stretch.

Start in Tadasana-this reinforces the strength of the earth providing us with stability and strength. Feet hip width, even weight, soften knees, arms by side, shoulders relaxed, core stability, lift sternum and crown, chin back slightly.

Rocking on feet backwards and forwards and then circle the feet around (one way then another) stimulating reflexology points 3x each direction

Side stretch x3

One hand beneath navel other arm up high. Breathe in, lift ribs out of pelvis and relax shoulders, reach up and over with the upper arm, breathe out and lower upper arm, simultaneously raise other arm and do the same on the other side.

(remember you should look up to where the ceiling meets the wall and try to keep your body in a position as if you are in between two plates of glass).

Shoulder stretch (arms in front-palms facing behind you) x3

Hands circle in front, move them over the head and then bring them in front with elbows moving together. Reach up with hands and lift on to tip toes. Feel a good stretch between the shoulder blades.

Arm rotations x5

Lead from the shoulder and make a figure 8 with both arms slowly with the breath lift arm up to shoulder height. Then with hands reaching as far away from each other as possible, turn the right hand forward and let the twist go across your shoulders and receive (an imaginary beach ball) with an open left hand.

Neck roll, head tilt and neck rotation x3 each side for all

Stand upright, lift the chin forwards and describe an oval, by bringing chin down to chest.

Next extend the cervical vertebrae and lift the mastoid bone (behind the ear) upwards and over towards the shoulder. Back to centre, Move to other side and repeat.

Breathe in turn neck through 90 degrees, breathe out back to centre, move to other side and repeat.

Shoulder circling 3x each way.

Fingertips on shoulders lift elbows up over lengthen the spine-keep shoulders and neck relaxed. Move backwards both sides together and then repeat in opposite direction.

Finger flicks x5

Hold hands out to side at shoulder level with elbows a little bent, thumb and forefinger together, draw hands in and exhale through mouth with a Pah.

Side spinal twist x3 each side

Always start from bottom of spine flowing up to neck so head turns last.

Beathe in and raise arms in front soft elbows. Breathe out and rotate to right lead movement with right hip, twist flows up spine, fingers of left hand rest on right collar bone both arms held softly. Raise left heel to extend the twist. Return to front leading with left hip.

Backward and forward bends 3x each side

Hands small of back contract buttocks, lift sternum, breathe in and push pelvis forward, keep chin parallel to floor and elongate spine as you gently arch back. Breathe out and straighten body and flow into half forward bend. Have a couple of breaths when you are folded forward, inhale, bend knees, raise arms slowly above head and lower to sacrum.

Twisting forward bends x3

Forward bend with legs wide apart. Turn right foot out and move hands to the right and take 3 deep breaths. Walk hands to the left leg and repeat. Return to centre, walk feet together.

Squat x3

From forward bend position place hands on floor and walk feet together bend knees and lower into squat. Raise arms in front and elongate the spine, raise hips and come into forward bend.


Spend a few minutes experiencing the calm and silence and the energy moving freely. Breathe in from the earth to the heart centre and out up through the crown and then down from the crown etc.

Put something warm on, lie down in crocodile (on your front, arms bent and head resting on hands or floor whichever suits. Feet mat wide apart toes pointing outwards. Relax the whole body and just breathe gently with eyes closed.