May 15, 2017


About me

Welcome to Gaynor’s Yoga

I’m Gaynor (on the right in the picture) and I am very friendly, caring and a fully qualified Dru Yoga teacher.

I first started Yoga in my 20s and have attended many different types of Yoga classes. I have always loved Yoga of all types but decided to train in Dru Yoga as it is a very inclusive, deeply calming and beautiful experience.

From personal experience I love Dru Yoga because of the beautiful experience in body and mind that occurs whenever I practice it-which is generally daily. Dru relieves a lot of the stresses of modern day living by reducing tension and increasing my sense of well being, I feel really happy and relaxed at the end of my practice. Each time I do a session of Dru Yoga I  experience an immense feeling of great calmness and feel very light.The flowing movements in Dru Yoga as well as the deep relaxation leave your body and mind in a very calm and peaceful place.

I am really passionate about sharing Dru Yoga with as many people as possible and I have really enjoyed teaching Dru yoga classes for the past three years. It is so rewarding to hear people telling me that their Dru Yoga practice has improved their lives by improving sleep patterns, relieving stress, reducing back pain and feeling a great sense of peace and calm.